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Cat Medicine – Giving Your Beloved Feline Pet Its Medication

by Donald
Cat Medicine

Have you tried giving cat medicine to your beloved pet feline? Surely you must have had a hard time and some scratches to tell. Sadly, cats seem to have minds of their own and you just will not be able to push a medicine pill down their throat that easily.

What’s the best way to give cat medicine? If it is a pill, then the best way is to mix it with cat food. If it is a pill that you can pound into powdery form, then so much the better. Mixed the powdered pet medication into her food and most probably it will not know any difference.

If the cat medicine is in the form of capsule, then it is already for mixing as all you have to do is cut the capsule in half and mix the powder content into the pet food.

If in case you have a really sick cat, more often than not it will not take any food. If such is the case then the best thing to do is use a pet piller. You can have one from the pet shop or the cat doctor. What is a piller? It is a plastic-made rod that can help you place the cat medicine pill directly down the throat of the cat. Just be careful not to push it too much, otherwise you will injure it.

Now is it easy to use a piller? With cats, it can be a hard task. The proper way to do it is wrap your pet with a towel in order to prevent it from scratching you. Hold it tight and then gently have the piller into his mouth. It can be a difficult time for both you and your cat – but if your pet has to have some cat medicine, you can help her take it – with a little bit of patience of course.

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