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Japanese Bobtail: The Beckoning Cat

by Donald
Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese Bobtail is a unique cat breed with the bob tail that closely resembles a rabbit’s tail rather than that of the normal cat. This type of bob tail is a genetic mutation on the cat’s body that is caused by excessive gene.

This means that as long as the parents are both with bobtails, their kittens or offspring will also have bobtail characteristics as well. Unlike other cat breeds such as the Manx where genetic problems are commonly expressed to stumpy ends or without tails, this is actually not a problem with Japanese Bobtail cats.

Japanese Bobtail cat belongs to the small breed of domesticated cats that are native to South and South East Asia, especially in Japan. However, this cat breed is actually found all over the world. Still the most well-known among cat lovers is that from Japan.

Japanese bobtail cats are known to be with almost any color of their fur, albeit the brown, black and white colors are the most popular. And like any other cat breeds, the fur colors can be arranged in various patterns, with calico and van being most common on purebred cat breeds.

The bobtails are energetic and very active, but are very close and loving to family. They are known to be mild in cat manners and not violent and highly strung. This characteristic makes them an excellent pet cat for families and children. They are active, sweet, loving and highly intelligent breed. They love to be with people. They learn their name and respond to it.

They have been known in Japan since the 6th century. They hold a special place in Japanese culture.

Probably the most famous representation of the Japanese bobtail is the maneki-neko, or beckoning cat, the stylized figure of a seated Bobtail with a raised, moving paw. This is known to be a powerful lucky charm for stores, and those who believe have one displayed prominently on their store counters.

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