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The Breed Of Yorkies First In The History

by Donald
Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terrier cannot boast of ancient origin. According to one version, it was bred by miners of West Raydeng, a town located in the heart of Yorkshire Nottingham coalfield for hunt for rodents and detection of cluster of fire damp in the mines. A tiny size of this dog – of two women’s hands – allowed workers to hide a doggie in the pocket of clothes, because according to English laws, it is strictly forbidden to carry animals into the mine. According to another version, the ancestors of the Yorkshire were brought to England by Scots, who arrived in Yorkshire in search of work.

They brought with them small dogs, which were crossed with the local terriers that led to the emergence of Yorkshire. Certainly, black and tan Manchester Toy Terrier, Skye Terrier, Dandie Dinmont Terrier, and nonexistent in our time Klindestal and Pestle Terriers took part in the formation of the breed “Yorkshire Terrier”. According to some researchers, the exterior of present Yorkshire was influenced be Maltese.

At all times people tried to keep the secret of true history of the breed, as well as tricks of the craft. In addition, breeders did not always keep records, many of them were illiterate.

In the literature one can find several theories of origin of the breed Yorkshire terrier made according to extant descriptions of the dogs, memories and drawings of contemporaries, records in the first dog breed books.

Undoubtedly, the birthplace of most terriers, including Yorkshire, – is United Kingdom, and the modern York is very different from its ancestors. Judging by some of the descriptions of those years, the first Yorkshire Terriers were not so compact and not only small (the weight of some individuals could reach 7, 3 kg). At first, Yorks had big, sometimes semi-erect or cropped ears, and hair did not immediately become so long and silky.

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