Dog Medications – How to Properly Administer

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Oftentimes, it is a headache for pet owners when there is a need to administer dog medicines such as Frontline for dogs to their beloved canine animals. Especially if you have a dog with allergies or fleas; these are instances when the administration, like flea dog medicine, can be difficult as your pets themselves are not cooperating.

One effective way of proper drug administration is by having the dog medicine thoroughly mixed with the food in order for the pet meds to be concealed and not noticed by your pet.

Before administering animal drugs such as flea dog medicine, a good technique that might actually work is by delaying for some minutes to an hour its feeding time. This is done in order for your dog to become hungrier than usual and will without a doubt be more eager to finish the dog food with mixed pet meds.

However, there are animals that are known to be very intelligent and can sense if their food is mixed with something that it is not familiar with. Therefore there are cases when such an administering technique does not work.

If your dog indeed resists in eating its food mixed with its dog medicines, your option is to restrain your pet carefully by holding it firmly and then opening its mouth wide enough. You then work on placing the drug behind its fang and tongue bulb. Ensure this is done properly, otherwise, the drug might go straight instead to its lungs and cause it to suffer from aspiration pneumonia.

In the case of a young puppy, you may simply swab the drug on its upper lip. More often than not, it will automatically lick it using its tongue. Drug administration is hence easier with young dogs than with adult ones.

If the drug is liquid in form, make sure not to raise its head too much. Use a dropper and administer it into the dog’s lip pocket. You should rub continuously the dog’s throat in order to stimulate the animal into swallowing the drug.

There are also drug treatments such as Frontline for Dogs, which is considered one of the most effective when it comes to tick and flea medication. In order to get the most out of these medicines, it is a must that one strictly follows the procedures on how to administer the drug. Buying medicine for your beloved animal, even discount dog medicine, is easy. You can go to a local pet shop or store for some drugs needed by your pet. Or for more convenience, you can go to the internet and purchase your pet drug requirement online. From most online pet shop sites, you will be able to make good purchases, and more often than not, such online sites will offer you discount dog medicine and cheap pet meds that are meant to attract you into buying from them.

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